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Rajnikanth (9)

Its time for the Superman (Superstar) from South to pay a visit to his favorite destination Himalayas. Yes Rajnikanth is on a trip to Himalayas, Some may say it’s a Vacation but the Mighty man might call it differently (Spiritual), however it is, we would like to think this visit as a trip to regroup all his energy which he spent on the Blockbuster of the industry ever “Endhiran” to regroup for another Shake.

Sources also says that after the return from Himalayas, he will fly out of the country for couple of months and planning to live his life as a normal person and get along with people without any superstar status. In fact this is what makes him a “legend” from greats. He is still the humble, down to earth, and most importantly a human being.

So Watch out people, you never know you might spot the man in your streets, shopping mall, temple or may be in a near by coffee shop….