Cast Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa, Santhanam and Karunas.
Director Shankar
Music A.R. Rahman
Produced by Sun Pictures
Costume Designer Manish Malhotra and Mary E. Vogt
Choreography Prabhu Deva
Lyrics Vairamuthu, Karky
Art direction Sabu Cyril
Cinematography Rathnavelu
Stunt Co-ordinators Yuen Woo Ping and Peter Hein
Special Effects Stan Winston Studios

‘Enthiran the Robot’ is the much awaited Tamil film of the year. It created enormous expectations over the film world throughout its progress since its inception. Finally when released on 1st October 2010, one can surely say that Enthiran lives up to the hype with its prominent special effects and commercial ingredients newly attained in a Tamil movie.

The Director Shankar has proved to be a Genius Director in India. The Director has given the audience a complete Entertainer with his great efforts.

Superstar, There shouldn’t be any wonder on the title given to him. He is a complete package on this movie and he has been utilized to the fullest after a long time. His Comedy, Innocence, Emoting, Style, Action and the Villain – He is perfect.

Aishwarya Rai looks as pretty as she is always and she has made a remarkable performance.

Exclusive and Impressive numbers from the Great Musician A R Rahman. The finest debut of Rahman’s daughter, Kajeetha as a playback singer and movie begins with her title song.

The visuals are extremely fine through Cinematographer Rathnavelu’s idea.

Kilimanjaro Song is shot in the Eight Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu.

The three hour long movie opens with the scientist Dr.Vaseegaran creating his dream robot which is a look-alike of him. The robot named Chitti was introduced in the seminar by showcasing its tremendous talents, unbelievable to a common man. It does everything from difficult calculations, teaching, art, cookery, fighting, dance and many other things. Vaseegaran conceptualized the robot to be used at Indian Army as a substitute for humans. But he was defied with approval from the head of AIRD who is professor of Vaseegaran.  The tricky professor did so with some cruel in his mind. But for the outside world, he rejects it because the robot can do harm to the public and it cannot take the right logical decision at situations. Now Vaseegaran tries and achieves something imaginary i.e., instructing the Chitti with all human feelings and emotions. Then he gets the approval at AIRD.

With injected feelings, Chitti starts creating trouble to Vaseegaran by its wish to marry Vaseegaran’s fiancé Sana.  After long debates Vaseegaran demolishes Chitti.  Destroyed chitti was rescued by the villain and it was altered with additional destructive commands. The main special effects sequences start here where the villain Chitti destroys everything that goes against his idea.  The rest of the movie narrates how Villain Chitti is destroyed with outstanding graphics and animation.

Endhiran will break all the records in Indian Film History and will stand as a Milestone for Director Shankar, Superstar Rajni Kanth and all the technician and artists involved in this Movie.