I Hate Luv Stories (Hindi) Movie Review

Movie Title           : I Hate Luv Stories

Genre :  Romantic

Producer              : Karan Johar

Director               :  Punit Malhotra

Casting                : Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Sameer Dattani, Samir Soni, Bruna Abdullah, Aamir Ali,

Kavin Dave, Pooja Ghai

Music                    : Vishal-Shekhar

Most important to note Imran-Sonam are one of the most refreshing and interesting Jodi. The story is about Jay Dhingra(Imran Khan), a boy of today’s generation and do not believe in Love Stories and Simran(Sonam Kapoor), a girl loves his boy friend Raj(Sameer Dattani) and thinks that Raj is her Mr. Perfect.

Jay is working as Asst. Director for a Romantic Film Makes Veer(Samir Soni), who is the only person, pushing unconvincing slop of the movie all the time.

Raj does everything to please the girl (Simran), he gives Simran a white flower daily, doesn’t drink on weekdays etc., while Jay is not interested in his job because it’s all around Love stories and does all non-sense that irritates Simran. But the movie is not about Raj and Simran. Confused, yes the Story is about Simran and Jay, and it takes a turning move when Jay and Simran fall in love with each other.

Dialogues: bromidic sometimes, all common and very urban e.g.: “…call me “J”…”

Story: Very predictable, ordinary but makes you laugh on “J”, doing non-sense things. First half is too elongated, to bind you watch after intermission. But then Love, Romance, tears etc are all time favorite in Karan Johar’s movies.

Characters: Sonam’s charms and innocence is the only best performance in the movie. Imran was glorious and cool and quiet entertaining. As a pair Sonam and Imran have shared really a well chemistry.

Costumes & Location: Sonam really looks ravishing in those Sarees designed by Manish Malhotra. All costumes are cool and stylish all that “Fugly” Shirts of Jay against all fundoo T-shirts with funny drawings on them. Location are not much vivid but all well placed. Cinematography is really pretty visually.

Music: Most important in Bollywood movies, is Music, Vishal-Shekhar as the usual has created really an eclectic music. The Title track really cool and Bin tere and Bahara Bahara have collected a huge popularity.

Over all, a One Time must-watching Movie.