Lafangey Parindey (Hindi) Movie Review

Movie Title           : Lafangey Parindey

Genre: :        Romantic

Director               :        Pradeep Sarkar

Producer/s                   :        Aditya Chopra

Casting                :        Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush


Music                             :        R. Anandh

YRF production again, we are just tired of the same stories from them but this time to a surprise Lafangey Parindey is a pleasant love story stands it out of other YRFs.

The movie moves around the two leading characters One-Shot Nandu(Niel Nitin Mukesh) and Pinky Palkar(Deepika Padukon). Pinky by profession is a shop assistant but has skating skills. She lives in a Mumbai chawl but dreams high in spite of having low surroundings. She plans to participate in a Reality show and win the award amount of Rs.50 lakhs. But unfortunately she meets with a car accident and loses her eyes. The car was driven by One Shot Nandu, who is a street fighter and famous for knocking the opponents blindfolded. Then the same penance, regret and romance happen. Now, Nanu has decided to help Pinky in turning her dreams come true while Pinky intends to make Nanu a gentleman.

Dialogues: Dialogue delivery is good. ‘Life mein bada cheez karne ke liye bada kida chahiye’ The tapori language again, we are already aware of satkela, sarfira, yeda the same way ‘Tu apne aap ko ilaake ki Kareena Kapoor samajhti hai kya?’

Story: Scripting is Simple, and the performances of artists in the movie that brings up the liveness of story. Reality-show has been a popular theme of YRFs after Rab ne Bana di Jodi again this Lafangey Parindey” The first half is refreshing and quite entertaining while the past half disappoints you and doesn’t bind you to sit back for the climax. The Accident part is cunningly written very well and is the turning point. Even the training sequences are worth watching.

Characters: Neil as a boxer looking dashing         and on the other hand Deepika is getting popular for her strong-willed roles. Deepika’s dance is even appreciable. The have presented a very well chemistry in the movie. Other than the both Piyush Mehra is good in the character of a gangster for whom Nandu is working. Kay Kay as his special appearance has really done a good job. Manish Choudhary has nothing to do much in the movie.

Music: Music by R. Anandh is just simple and sweet.‘ Main Lafanga Bada’ & ‘ Dhatad Tatad’ are the best songs. The choreography on rollerskates by Bosco-Caesar makes the movie really watch worthy. However, a little more vitality could have gone a long way in arousing the show.