Director Selvaa’s 25th film NAANGA movie preview

Cinema Kottagai Presents NAANGA

Director – Selva

Cinematography – BalaMurugan

Music – Baala Bharathy

Lyrics – Pa Vijay, Eknath and Annamalai

Art – Raajan, Shiva Yaadav

Editing – Raghava urs (Debutante, son of Editor Suresh Urs)

NAANGA is Director Selva’s 25th film , he tried five different Love stories in this film. He has introduced nine actor and four actress in the lead. Actress Kasthuri plays an important character in this film. Music Director Baala Bharathy who did Selva’s Thalai Vaasal and Amaravathy joins the director after a long interval. The story is about College days and the students who are coming from differnt places and staying in college hostel together during the period of 1980’s. More importants are given to the properties and costumes used in this movie.

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