Kanna Laddu Thinna Asaiya Movie review

Kanna laddu thinna aasaiya(45)Cast: Santhanam, Srinivasan, Sethu, Vishaka

Directed by: K.S. Manikandan

Written by: Santhanam and K.S. Manikandan

Cinematography: Balasubramaniam

Music by: S. Thaman

Produced by: N. Santhanam and Ramanarayanan

Kanna Laddu Thinna Asaiya is the first production of comedian Santhanam. With unique group of star cast, this film has the success formulae of his previous films like Siva Manasula Shakthi, Boss Engira Baskaran and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi. This film is full of fun and just fun. This film is also said to be the remake of Bakiyaraj’s Indru Poi Nalai Vaa.

The comedy in this film has worked out very well as you would not mind seeing it again. This film is just to make you laugh and it never fails to do so. Director Manikandan is clear in making very simple scenes with lots of humour.

Santhanam plays the main role in this film and he has given a great performance. He is the key role to make the film moving without lag till the end. Srinivasan is one of the reasons for the film to be interesting. He is named as Power throughout the film. His dance, punch dialogues and acting has helped Santhanam to make out excellent comedy throughout the film.

Other two important characters of the film are Sethu and Vishaka. There’s a small love story between these two. Most importantly, the film has great supports from Kovai Sarala, VTV Ganesh, Pattimandram Raja and Devadharshini. The film has guest appearance of Young Super Star Simbhu and Director Gautham Vasudev Menon as themselves. The songs are said to be average which could be a lag in the film.

Though the film has quite repeated comedies, it never fails to make the audience laugh. Kanna Laddu Thinna Asaiya is officially the first block buster film of 2013.

Samar Movie Review

vishal (13)Cast: Vishal, Thrisha Krishnan, Sunaina

Directed by: Thiru

Written by: Thiru and Writer S. Ramakrishnan

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Background Score by: Dharan Kumar

Produced by: T. Ramesh

Samar is a thriller film featuring Vishal, Thrisha and Sunaina in lead roles, supported by J.D Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai. The film was shot on Bangkok, Thailand, Kerala and Ooty. This film will be released in Telugu titled Vetadu-Ventadu.

Coming to the review, Samar has a very strong screenplay in which every scene thrills you with thrilling twists.

Vishal named as Sakthi in the film plays a role of Trek guide. Director Azhagam Perumal plays the father role who is a Forest Ranger in this film. Sunaina (Roopa) is Sakthi’s ex-girl friend. Few months later, Sakthi gets a letter from Roopa with apologies and asking to meet her at Bangkok. Sakthi starts his first foreign trip with great joy. He meets Trisha (Maya) in flight and they become good friends. The actual story begins when they reach Thailand where Sakthi is trapped and struggling to escape with the help of Maya. The confusions on screen develops as the Villains try to kill Sakthi, kidnappers ask him for money assuming Sakthi as a business man. Sakthi comes to know that he is been trapped and trying to find other Sakthi. The story has lot of twists and confusions all over.

Vishal looks confused as per the script and excels in stunt sequences as usual. Trisha is back in this film after a long gap. She does a very decent job and looks pretty. Sunaina comes in three scenes and a song. Songs in this film are average. Cinematography is good all through the film. With more twists and confusions the film turns out to be an average.




Alex Pandian Review

alex pandian(22)Cast: Karthi, Anushka, Santhanam

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Suraj

Cinematography: Saravanan

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Production:Studio Green – K E Gnanavel Raja

Alex Pandian, this film has a stunning start with a train chase sequence. The story begins as Karthi saving Anushka from a group of thugs. The fight sequences have been shot brilliantly. Immediately after the fight sequence, story revolves around Santhanam’s family with his mother and three sisters.

Suraj joins with a hit combination of Karthi and Santhanam in this film. Unlike their previous films, Karthi and Santhanam are opposite in Alex Pandian as the hero flirts all three sisters of Santhanam. Santhanam has again proved himself and the scenes where he protects his sisters from Karthi are comical. Three sisters, Nikita Thukral, Sanusha and Akanksha Puri have performed well.

Director Suraj’s previous films were full of comedy, but the ratio is less in this film.  The first half of the story is of full comedy and the second half only shows the identity of Karthi and Anushka. Anushka plays the role of Chief Minister’s daughter. Villians of the movie are Alvin Martin (Milind Soman) and Dr. GKM (Sumanth). They wanted a deal to be signed by the Chief Minister. As they were refused by the CM, they order Karthi to abduct Anushka and the rest to be followed on screens.

There is not very much scope of Anushka, but she has rendered a brilliant performance needed for the film. Karthi performs great stunts and the sequences with Santhanam are the main scope for the film which worked out quite well.

Inspite of very good publicity and expectations, this film turned out be an average as it has old content.



Cast Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa, Santhanam and Karunas.
Director Shankar
Music A.R. Rahman
Produced by Sun Pictures
Costume Designer Manish Malhotra and Mary E. Vogt
Choreography Prabhu Deva
Lyrics Vairamuthu, Karky
Art direction Sabu Cyril
Cinematography Rathnavelu
Stunt Co-ordinators Yuen Woo Ping and Peter Hein
Special Effects Stan Winston Studios

‘Enthiran the Robot’ is the much awaited Tamil film of the year. It created enormous expectations over the film world throughout its progress since its inception. Finally when released on 1st October 2010, one can surely say that Enthiran lives up to the hype with its prominent special effects and commercial ingredients newly attained in a Tamil movie.

The Director Shankar has proved to be a Genius Director in India. The Director has given the audience a complete Entertainer with his great efforts.

Superstar, There shouldn’t be any wonder on the title given to him. He is a complete package on this movie and he has been utilized to the fullest after a long time. His Comedy, Innocence, Emoting, Style, Action and the Villain – He is perfect.

Aishwarya Rai looks as pretty as she is always and she has made a remarkable performance.

Exclusive and Impressive numbers from the Great Musician A R Rahman. The finest debut of Rahman’s daughter, Kajeetha as a playback singer and movie begins with her title song.

The visuals are extremely fine through Cinematographer Rathnavelu’s idea.

Kilimanjaro Song is shot in the Eight Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu.

The three hour long movie opens with the scientist Dr.Vaseegaran creating his dream robot which is a look-alike of him. The robot named Chitti was introduced in the seminar by showcasing its tremendous talents, unbelievable to a common man. It does everything from difficult calculations, teaching, art, cookery, fighting, dance and many other things. Vaseegaran conceptualized the robot to be used at Indian Army as a substitute for humans. But he was defied with approval from the head of AIRD who is professor of Vaseegaran.  The tricky professor did so with some cruel in his mind. But for the outside world, he rejects it because the robot can do harm to the public and it cannot take the right logical decision at situations. Now Vaseegaran tries and achieves something imaginary i.e., instructing the Chitti with all human feelings and emotions. Then he gets the approval at AIRD.

With injected feelings, Chitti starts creating trouble to Vaseegaran by its wish to marry Vaseegaran’s fiancé Sana.  After long debates Vaseegaran demolishes Chitti.  Destroyed chitti was rescued by the villain and it was altered with additional destructive commands. The main special effects sequences start here where the villain Chitti destroys everything that goes against his idea.  The rest of the movie narrates how Villain Chitti is destroyed with outstanding graphics and animation.

Endhiran will break all the records in Indian Film History and will stand as a Milestone for Director Shankar, Superstar Rajni Kanth and all the technician and artists involved in this Movie.




Genre: Romance/ Comedy

Director: Rajesh

Producer: K.S.Srinivasan

Staring: Arya, Nayanthara, Santhanam

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

About Movie : What can be expected from Rajesh as a director? He tries to bring the smile on the face of his audience whenever he gets chance. This movie tells this trait about him. This movie is all about the hilarious situations and comic mishaps.

Story line: The story revolves around a guy named Baskaran( Arya) who is a happy go lucky guy. He is laidback guy with no fixed aim in life having no job and he is yet to get the degree. He spends most of his times at a saloon owned by his advisor and friend Nalla Thambi (Santhanam) who is a spoilt child. In his family, there is his loving mother (Lakshmi), a sister who wants to be an anchor and responsible brother Saravanan (Subbu Panju).

The two, Chandrika (Nayanthara) and Baskaran meet with each other when he goes to write his English Paper. Chandrika who is a trainee professor catches hold of him copying. The duo has some nice and comic scenes and soon they fall in love madly with each other. The love is strictly opposed by her father and how they managed to being with each other is the main focus of this movie.

Characters: There is nothing new in this movie which you will not find in any other movies.  The chemistry between the couple is the main attraction and the comic scenes filmed on two friends are highly appreciated.

Music: The music is given by Yuvan and is the soul of this movie. The songs are lively and people will remember the music for years to come.

We can say that you can go and enjoy the movie with your friends and family if you do not have anything else to do!!!

Lafangey Parindey (Hindi) Movie Review


Movie Title           : Lafangey Parindey

Genre: :        Romantic

Director               :        Pradeep Sarkar

Producer/s                   :        Aditya Chopra

Casting                :        Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush


Music                             :        R. Anandh

YRF production again, we are just tired of the same stories from them but this time to a surprise Lafangey Parindey is a pleasant love story stands it out of other YRFs.

The movie moves around the two leading characters One-Shot Nandu(Niel Nitin Mukesh) and Pinky Palkar(Deepika Padukon). Pinky by profession is a shop assistant but has skating skills. She lives in a Mumbai chawl but dreams high in spite of having low surroundings. She plans to participate in a Reality show and win the award amount of Rs.50 lakhs. But unfortunately she meets with a car accident and loses her eyes. The car was driven by One Shot Nandu, who is a street fighter and famous for knocking the opponents blindfolded. Then the same penance, regret and romance happen. Now, Nanu has decided to help Pinky in turning her dreams come true while Pinky intends to make Nanu a gentleman.

Dialogues: Dialogue delivery is good. ‘Life mein bada cheez karne ke liye bada kida chahiye’ The tapori language again, we are already aware of satkela, sarfira, yeda the same way ‘Tu apne aap ko ilaake ki Kareena Kapoor samajhti hai kya?’

Story: Scripting is Simple, and the performances of artists in the movie that brings up the liveness of story. Reality-show has been a popular theme of YRFs after Rab ne Bana di Jodi again this Lafangey Parindey” The first half is refreshing and quite entertaining while the past half disappoints you and doesn’t bind you to sit back for the climax. The Accident part is cunningly written very well and is the turning point. Even the training sequences are worth watching.

Characters: Neil as a boxer looking dashing         and on the other hand Deepika is getting popular for her strong-willed roles. Deepika’s dance is even appreciable. The have presented a very well chemistry in the movie. Other than the both Piyush Mehra is good in the character of a gangster for whom Nandu is working. Kay Kay as his special appearance has really done a good job. Manish Choudhary has nothing to do much in the movie.

Music: Music by R. Anandh is just simple and sweet.‘ Main Lafanga Bada’ & ‘ Dhatad Tatad’ are the best songs. The choreography on rollerskates by Bosco-Caesar makes the movie really watch worthy. However, a little more vitality could have gone a long way in arousing the show.

Naan Mahaan Alla Movie Review

naan mahaan alla wallpaper

Movie Title                : Naan Mahan Alla

Genre :        Romance and Thriller

Producer                     :        K.E.Gnanavelraja

Director                       :        Susindhran

Cinematography   :        R. Madhi

Casting                          :        Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal, Jayaprakash, Soori

Music                              :        Yuvan Shankar Raja

The movie starts with a group of college students, addicted to drugs and involved in anti-social activities. The group harms a girl and that scene ends there.
Next, is the entry of Jeeva (Karthi) who belongs to a middle class family. Jeeva lives with his Parents and a sister. Jeeva is an unemployed person. He falls in love with Priya (Kajal Aggarwal)at his first sight, while they met each other in a Marriage. Priya indeed falls in love with Jeeva. Priya’s father is against their love and warns Jeeva not to meet Priya any more.
The scene moves on to the College group, they killed the girl and threw her body into pieces. Director Suseenthiran has made a interesting thriller in narrating the story on how Jeeva is connected with the college group and the incident.

Story: The subject is based on the criminal activities at Chennai and the problems of city life. Story starts as a Family entertainment and ends up at fascinating thriller. The thriller is what makes our eye balls static. A very simple and realistic but a bit predictable movie but did not fail to entertain the audience.

Characters: Karthi has played his role very well. He entertains us with his let go, emotional and humorous nature in first half, while at the second half with his serious and action stunts. Kajal Agarwal looks pretty and she has emoted well on her scenes. Karthi’s father, Jayaprakash has performed good.

Cinematography by Madhie is attractive and Yuvan shankar Raja has scored his part very well.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (HINDI) Movie Review


Movie Title           : Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Genre: :        Drama

Director               :        Milan Luthria

Producer/s                   :        Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Sharan Kapoor

Casting                :        Prachi Desai, Kangna Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi,

Ajay Devgn, Randeep Hooda

Music                             :        Pritam

Cinematography :        Raju Khan

If you want to rewind the 70s era of Mumbai please watch this movie. Movie represents a historical crime report on Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim. Sultan Mirja (Ajay Devgn) is referring Haji Mastan while Shoaib Khan (Emraan Hasmi) referring Dawood. They represent the real underworld criminals. Sultan is a Smuggler, but he do not smuggle against his conscience. On the other hand Shoaib inspired by Sultan, is overambitious and always wishes to be the biggest Don and overrule the Underworld. Once he joins Sultan’t gang, he catches the ladder and tries to grow as fast as possible. This is the story in the flash back of ACP Agnel Wilson (Randeep Hooda).

Dialogues: Dialogues are very impressive that keeps you interest move on. Mind blowing deliveries from Ajay and Emraan.

Story: Plots are designed very simple and opens the old files of criminal records one after another. Rajat Arora’s script has interesting dramatic turns and represents both the leading characters well.

Characters: Ajay and Kangna had given the same appearances as in Company and Gangster.

Costumes & Style: An exceptional concentration is given to the costume design as all the character reminds 70s with their costumes. Strange!! Pizza in 70s?? Well designed bell-bottom, that “Bobby” chooli and all that colorful shirts.

Music: Pritam, really good job especially in Pee loo.., his music in the movie really has that swinging rhythm.